Rutgers loses only copy of Consitution. Allows Muslims to rule.

Good for you Condi. No need for you to speak at a school that apparently forgot about freedom of speech. No, not the freedom of speech of the ten or so Muslim students or sickening liberal professors, but the rights of all the other kids at that "school," the ones that understand Ms. Rice is an historic figure. This is the same school that had Snooki...yes, Snooki, D-T-F drunken little skank Snooki give the commencement speech. Shame on you Rutgers. What Rutgers also fails to remember is Muslim students, be them citizens or not, need to understand that while they have the right to express their opinions (although foreigners doing that is a slippery slope), they do not, read do not have the right to violate the rights of the rest of the student body. Nor do the professors, who use college campuses to indoctrinate college kids into their own political fold rather than teaching these kids how to open their minds, expand their horizons, and think for themselves. The problem is, if they dare open their minds, the liberals fill them with nonsense. Shame on you Rutgers professors. The State University of New Jersey...the one that lost their only copy of the US Constitution. The one that pays more creedence to Muslims in their hijabs than the large majority of the school. You're in Jersey, not Riyadh. Maybe they should watch more Star Trek so they could hear Spock say "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

When the hell is failure an option?

I hate that expression! When is failure really an option? Uttering this oxymoron just makes people look stupid. It points out they have nothing else to say except some rediculous platitude that means nothing. We should call it "comment number 2," that way people could get it in without the rest of us having to hear it. This is almost as stupid as "it is what it is," or "it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when." Let's call those comments number 1 and 3. Failure is not an option...no sh--.

This is what's wrong with our immigration system

This is what's wrong with our country. They government goes to the great length to change the law to make this guy eleigible to practice law, when what they should really do is help him become a citizen! Whatever happened to that? He's obviously been in the country for years and years, yet he decided to skip that part. He could have filed for a student visa and then a green card, then took the tests to become a citizen as opposed to take the classes to become an ambulance chaser. We don't need more lawyers, but we need legal citizens that exercise their legal rights, not ones that help change the constitution. Do the right thing. Become a citizen. You've been here for 15-20 years...what are you waiting for?


Assault Weapons Ban is Ineffective Political Bullshit

I'm a gun owner and NRA member, but I don't believe anyone needs an assault weapon. I say ban them, but doing so now is just a political ploy, a nonsensical knee-jerk to the real issue. The problem is that we have a pile of crazy people in this country that snap like, well, the crazy people they are, and apparantly also being cowards, they decide to go pick on schoolchildren instead of someone that would fight back or at least offer a moderate amount of resistance. Or flee. Or do something besides stand there bewildered because they're children, but I digress. We need to figure out why people snap and then grab weapons and go kill masses of Americans. Why do people "go postal," a term derived from the constant shootings of postal workers by other postal workers. We have to figure that out. We also need to eliminate the gun show loophole in the background check process. If you NEED a gun that day, you probably shouldn't have it. If you're at a gun show to purposely get around the background check, you shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun. Do it like in New Jersey: a citizen buys one permit to buy one gun, which takes 7 days to get. Once they have the permit, they have 30 days to buy the gun or the purchasing permit expires. If they want to buy another gun, they have to get another permit. It makes sense. Also, this second amendment argument is a bunch of crap. I don't think while Jefferson was loading his single-shot musket that took him over a minute to reload, that he was referring to 800-round per-minute assault rifles people have the guts to say they're buying for hunting purposes or home defense. Yep. Go buy a double-barrel shotgun to do that and leave the weapons of war in the hands of the military. I would, however, like to have a World War II M-1 for the collection. By the way...if any politician thinks they look smart or serious or compassionate or caring as they vote for the weapon's ban, guess what...you don't! You look like a clown-shoe wearing dolt that's a day late, and a dollar short. You go for the low-hanging political fruit because doing the hard, honest work is too big a leap for you. It's too hard to establish a budget, cut spending, shore-up medicare and social security by raising the age, or protect citizens by figuring out why we have so many depressed, prozac-taking hair-trigger lunatics in this country, so let's jump on the assault weapons issue that's as easy as falling on a slip-and-slide. After all, someone already did that. All you have to do is...well...nothing, and that's what you're used to doing.


Obama Gives jobs to the Chinese

Funny how Obama rails on Romney for sending jobs to China, while he does the exact thing. Well, not exactly, he takes YOUR tax money and then gives it to China, the same way he took YOUR tax money and gave it to foreign "green job" producers in Scandanavia and Mexico. Liar liar, pants on fire...


Dental tourism? Como.

I just saw an Internet for "dental tourism," where you travel to Guatemala to visit an American-trained dentist and pay one-tenth of the price for treatment because the insurance overhead is cut out. $38 for a cleaning. $38!!! Wow. While perplexed, stunned and amazed, I'm also intrigued. What's next? If they come up with proctological tourism, count me out.

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Carbon-hating president burns millions in carbon to protest carbon

Anyone else think it's disingenuous and hypocritical to use Air Force One and the rest of the aerial armada to go stump for alternative energy? Hey Obama, next time take a convoy of Prius' you phony jackass!!! If carbon is the fuel of the past, why did you just spend a few million dollars on it? Maybe your solar buddies could have helped you out? Wait, one went tits-up, another does business in Mexico, and the other has their hand out for more. For shame. Punch yourself in the face...

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White House coke machine replaced by smoking crack.

When you are so political you think searching for long- term energy solutions that don't exist is more important than lowering the price of gas when it's at an historic high...you're smoking crack.

When you believe it's smart to fly around in a couple 747's and military jets carrying your limousines and burning millions of dollars in fuel to go talk about the cost of fuel...you're smoking crack.

When you haven't granted any lew oil leases, decreased the amount of federal land available to drill, but tell everyone you increased drilling...you're smoking crack...not to mention lying.

When you give half a billion dollars to a solar company that fails and keep thinking your energy policy has a point other than politics and your energy secretary has come thing other than shit for brains...you're smoking crack.

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This country has gone insane!!!

CNN has lost it's mind: They all have nothing else to talk about than Herman Cain's smoking Chief of Staff. Who gives a shit? Their boy smokes, but they conveniently forget about that.

Headline News has nothing else to talk about but the Michael Jackson trial. Who gives a shit!

Jane Velasquez-Mitchell...same same.

Our President has become a persona non-Grata joke. He's a pair of clown shoes. The country is circling the bowl and he's out at fund raisers with the astonishingly absurd belief he needs four more years to finish flushing the country. He's going on the Tonight Show. He's on a bus tour like a sad Blues musician touting his lack of vision and complete mental blank when it comes to governing.

Our politicians are squabbling like children! Do they really think we want them to act worse than a bunch of first graders on the playground? You people suck.

Democrats want to spend even more money we don't have. Tell you what, give up the limousines and airplanes and go to the supermarket and ask them to give you a cart full of groceries for free...see how long it takes for them to throw you out. In fact, throw yourselves out. You suck too.

The liberals are mourning Gaddafi. What? The president says he wants to support the new leadership who just instituted Sharia law. Okay, so no Easter dinner at the white house, but an Eid dinner during Ramadan?

Where is he? Where is the President? Why isn't he at work? If he's still taking a paycheck, why isn't he at work?

The people protesting Wall Street should be protesting the White House. That's who's really taking your money.

Democrats want to make the 1% of the people in this country that pay 20% of all the taxes to pay their "fair share." What's fair about that? Get all the lazy welfare taking bastards to get off their asses. Tell people out of work there is dignity in working, and to stop taking their unemployment welfare.

The government won't secure the borders. They won't follow the law, and they punish states that take it upon themselves to do what the federal government won't do.

"Clean coal." There is no damned thing, so shut up about it.

The government gives my money to green energy companies that go broke, and they don't admit it! Why should anyone pay taxes if this is how they spend them?

The first stimulus didn't work! Why do people think another one will?

The President already paid off the teacher's union, and now he says his new bill will put teachers back to work? Come again? This is insanity.

People have gone from seeing a rich man and asking themselves how they can make money like he does, to asking himself how they can take what he has. We have a society full of sniveling welfare-addicted maggots. Make your own damned money.

The trade bill with Korea and Panama would have been done a year ago, but the President wanted to get them to unionize in their own countries. Insanity! They laughed at him and sent him packing. Yes, they laughed at the President.

We're spending more per week on the security of Afghanistan's border than we paid for our own border last year! Incredible.

I'd like to go on, but I have to go spew. Throw all of them out! It's a do-over.



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Just read a great book called Unnecessary Evils!

Great stuff! It kept going and changing and keeping me interested. Action, adventure, no waxing philosophical on anything for more than half a page, good versus evil, ass-kicking, mystery, twists and turns and now I want the next one, which the author is apparently working on. Check it out!



A-Hole of the Next Ten Minutes

In a new feature here on Brainclogger and a tribute to Larry Flynt, I've decided to put a face to the people I consider perpetrating utter stupidity in the name of humanity. Sadly, there are so many brown-eyes, turd cutters, sphincters, poop chutes, rectal caves, balloon knots and other a-hole resembling people doing a-hole-ish things that I can't go with "A-Hole of the month," or the week, or even the day. People in society today, not even mentioning our government make not calling someone a butthole every few minutes virtually impossible.

Back to these two silly Russians. Dipshit female number one, on the left, barely 17 years-old, was most likely 16 in the picture with her "husband," a rat bastard Muslim terrorist otherwise known as dipshit male number two (also an anal reference)on the right. Where were these kids parents? Maybe they're the real a-holes of the next ten minutes. Who let her marry at 16? Who made her an extremist shithead? Who turned her into a mass murderer? Who gave her the gun she has in her miniature hand? Who introduced her to the Muslim zealot she apparently married as a child?

So where does a 17 year-old girl get an explosive belt? There must not be many malls in Russia, or schools, or proms, cell phones, Facebook, or TV, or something other than marrying young, filling yourself full of hate, and instead of going to the movies with your friends, you blow-up a subway full of innocent people because in your warped mind, the mass-murdering shithead you married whom the government killed, needs to be avenged. Maybe they never learned to fish.

I am so tired of hearing about Muslim terrorists I could scream. They're like the ACLU...they're always doing despicable things for the wrong reason, and they just won't go away.

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