Puddle, ditch, big city, whatever...

Another successful French experiment, on the same list of successes as Sierra Leone, Haiti, their response to World War 2, French Indo-China, Le Car, Pugeot sales in America, their help with 9-11, etc. Okay, instead of a house on stilts, they build an entire city below sea level next to an ocean! A house on stilts in parts of New orleans would still be underwater!!! Yep, another bright idea, about as pleasant as goat cheese. Storm water run-off? Not in New orleans. It's storm water pump-out. Did any of these people ever dig a hole on the beach? You reach water really fast people, really fast! How the hell did ANYONE get flood insurance in this "accident waiting to happen?" My old house in Florida was 8 feet above flood level, not just sea level, and I still had to get flood insurance!!! Maybe New Orleans just wants to be the next Atlantis. Hey! Who are we to screw with that, eh? Let it go, it was a shithole anyway. When the place is in the middle of the divine "smiting" process, best to not interfere!

I have an idea! We'll go down to the beach, wait for low tide, get as close to the water as we can, and bury ourselves up to our necks in the sand. Nothing will happen...trust me...



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